Because We

All deserve the opportunity to improve our lot in life.

about us

Working to build a world where knowledge and skills flow towards those most in need and assist in the advancement of the entire human family.

Through our innovative education programs and community enhancement initiatives we are providing the necessary life skills and know-how in order to affect the greatest change in some of the most disadvantaged communities.

Working from the individual cases on up through the educators and communities, we are fostering a commitment to life-long learning and achievement which is driving measurable and meaningful change.

What We Do


— We Find & Fund

Working with local partners we locate those most in need and develop strategies to assist.


— We Build Networks

Building self-sufficient and sustainable integrations between students, teachers, communities and the wider environment is key to everyone’s success.


— We Strengthen

Iterating forward we help determine that which will provide for the greatest impact with respect to the individual and the local community at large.


— We Educate

We believe that fostering the growth of knowledge is the “secret sauce” of long-term development and enhancement projects.


— We Provide Care

For those most at risk, we provide extra attention to what is most urgently needed in order to reduce further exposure to risk factors.


— We Consult

Reviewing and updating the effectiveness and quality of our programs ensures we our maximizing benefits on all levels.